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Kurs 2024 och 2025

22-23 august 2024:

Laparoscopy and Ovariehysterectomy med Philip Lhermette, BVetMed BSc CBiol FRSB FRCVS for dyrlæger

7-8 oktober 2024:

Abdominal Ultrasound med Sam Jakovljevic, DVM DVR MSc DipECVDI MRCVS fro dyrlæger

7-8 november 2024:

Echocardiography med João Neves, DVM MRCVS DipECVIM-CA (Cardiology) for dyrlæger

21-22 november 2024:

Veterinary Orthopedic Ultrasound med Nele Eley DipECVDI - for dyrlæger

28-29 november 2024:

Genoplivning og livsreddende førstehjælp - Den akutte patient! med Julie Pio Kragelund Dyrlæge - for dyrlæger og Veterinærsygeplejersker

2-3 december 2024:

Kirurgi på den brachiocephale hund med Damian Strudwick GPCert SAS - for dyrlæger

5-6 december 2024:

Diagnostic Imaging for nurses med Sérgio Guilherme, Veterinary Radiologist

9-10-11 december 2024:

Endoscopy with flexible scope med Ed Hall, MA, VetMB PhD DipECVIM-CA FRCVS for dyrlæger

23-24 januar 2025:

Arthroscopy med Richard Meeson, MA VetMB PhD MVetMed DipECVS FHEA FRCVS

27-28-29 januar 2025:

Veterinær Fysioterapi med Dyrlæge og Kiropraktor Jacob Schrøder Andersen

26-27 februar 2025:

Behandling og Anæstesi af Marsvin og Kaniner med Dyrlæge PhD Carsten Grøndahl og Dyrlæge Beth Fledelius

5 marts 2025

Bæredygtig anæstesi - Lokalblokader med Maria Søndergaard, Dyrlæge PhD

3-4 april 2025:

Endokrinologi med Sarah Östergård Jensen, Dip ECVCP

12-13-14 maj 2025

Knækirurgi med Damian Strudwick GPCert SAS

19-20 maj 2025

Genoplivning og livsreddende førstehjælp med Dyrlæge Julie Pio Kragelund

28 maj 2025

Bæredygtig anæstesi - TIVA med Maria Søndergaard, Dyrlæge PhD

29-30 september 2025

Everyday Surgery without stress med Damian Strudwick GPCert SAS

20-21 oktober 2025

Mikroskopi med Sarah Östergård Jensen, Dip ECVCP

5 november 2025

Bæredygtig anæstesi - CRI med Maria Søndergaard, Dyrlæge PhD

27-28 november 2025

Akut kirurgi med Damian Strudwick GPCert SAS

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Masterclass in Client Communications

Masterclass in Client Communications. How to distinguish your clinic for others by a superb client experience

Wouldn’t it be great to only have happy clients?
To have an amazing team that works welltogether with a decent salary for everyone?
Tohave enough time off to spend with family andfriends?
And wouldn’t it be nice if clients would be more compliant and have less complains?

We think it’s possible! 

Vetnordic are very happy to be able to cooperate with St. Anna Advies in offering this training program in communication and customer experience. In this program, you will learn to optimise all factors that are relevant when running a successful veterinary practice.

We not only focus on your communication skills, even though this is an important starting point. We focus on all aspects in a client’s journey, from phoning the practice to paying the bill. Our mission is to keep them satisfied during their whole journey. Even in the most challenging situations. We will also teach you how to find focus and stay balanced during your working day. No more uncontrollable appointments and working after hours but having peace and joy in your day- to-day life, is our goal. We zoom in on the value of your work and your own personal worth, the psychology of money and the correct way to handle challenging situations.


Module 1 Basics in client communication

In the dynamic world of veterinary medicine, effective communication is as vital as medical knowledge. Our first training focuses on honing your ability to not only deliver quality care but also to empathetically and comprehensively engage with owners. Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Anatomy of communication: Learn more about the basics of communication based on the four A’s of: Active listening, Asking questions, Adaptation and Always being N.E.C. (Nice, Empathic and Clear)
  • Customer experience and Emotional Intelligence: Understand the profound bond between pets and their owners. Acquire the tools to respond with empathy and sensitivity, building trust and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Understanding the Customer Journey: Identify the customer journey within your practice, from initial contact to follow-up care. Discover how to optimize each phase, leaving lasting impressions and attracting loyal clients.
  • Mastery of phone communication: Learn to shine over the phone with customercentric communication. From answering queries with warmth to reassuring concerned pet owners with always offering appointments. You'll be ready to leave a positive impact, even from a distance.

Module 2 Basics in communicating cash

Are you ready to navigate the world of financial discussions in your veterinary practice with self-confidence and expertise? Join us for a transformative training that delves into the art of effective communication about money issues in your clinic:

  • Price versus value: Gain insights into the subtle yet significant distinction between price and value. Learn more about the psychology of money and how to communicate the value of your services effectively to clients, ensuring they understand the true worth of the care you provide.
  • Valuation of your work and selecting the right clients: Explore strategies for determining the value of your services based on your expertise, time, and resources invested. Build the confidence to transparently explain the rationale behind your pricing. Discover methods to identify and attract clients who appreciate the value you offer and align with your practice's philosophy.
  • Business insights with the Balanced Scorecard: Dive into the business side of veterinary practice through the lens of the Balanced Scorecard framework. Uncover key performance indicators that guide decision-making and contribute to the overall success of your practice. It’s not rocket science!
  • Challenging situations: Equip yourself to handle challenging situations, from price shoppers to aggressive negotiators. Gain strategies for gracefully managing conversations with clients who may not fully appreciate the value of your services and become self-confident in talking about money.

Module 3 Basics in consultation & counter

Are you ready to revolutionize your communication skills within the examination room and the front desk? Join us for a game-changing training designed to help you excel in communication with pet owners and creating an even greater impact.

  • Structured consultation approach: Discover the power of structured consultations using our practical model. Learn to craft consultations that are clear and comprehensive to ensure both the owner and their pet are heard and understood.
  • Effective Time Management: Unlock the art of efficient time management during consultations. Gain insights into optimizing your conversations without sacrificing quality, allowing you to address concerns while staying on schedule.
  • BOA - Best Outcome for the Animal: Embrace the philosophy of offering the Best Outcome for the Animal. Learn to present treatment options with the animal's welfare at the forefront, ensuring the owner and you make informed, shared decisions with the pet's best interest in mind.
  • Exploring hidden needs and motivating owners: Develop the skills to uncover hidden needs and desires. Discover how to ask the right questions to delve deeper into what owners truly seek for their pets, allowing you to tailor your recommendations accordingly. Learn techniques to convey the importance of compliance and empower owners to be proactive partners in their pet's well-being.
  • Navigating difficult situations: Equip yourself with strategies to gracefully handle challenging scenarios and difficult personalities in the consultation room. Learn how to defuse tension and maintain a positive rapport, even in the face of adversity.

Module 4 Mastering challenging situations

Do you ever find yourself facing challenging situations at work where you're unsure how to respond? Wondering how to navigate ‘the special ones’, complaints, or even aggressive customers? Don't worry, our specialized training is designed to equip you with

  • the essential skills you need to deal with the situations that keep you awake at night, like:
  • Effective complaint handling: Learn how to professionally address and resolve complaints. Develop skills to understand, manage, and even turn complaints into positive experiences for both the customer and the organization.
  • Dealing with intimidating customers: Gain insights into the psychology of aggressive behavior and discover effective techniques to stay calm, maintain control of the situation, while preserving customer satisfaction.
  • Dealing with mistakes: Nobody is perfect. Learn a positive approach to making mistakes and develop strategies to effectively rectify them, enabling you to emerge stronger from the experiences.
  • Constructive feedback and feedforward: Develop the art of giving and receiving feedback in a constructive manner that contributes to the professional growth of both you and your colleagues.
  • Handling the feeling of ‘something isn’t right here’: Learn to recognize intuitive signals and respond appropriately when you have signals or suspicions animal abuse, illegal breeding, prohibited use of veterinary drugs, false documentation, etcetera. Enhance your ability to make the right decisions in complex situations.

Module 5 Mastering team, time and task

Teamwork makes the dream work! This session is crafted to provide you with crucial skills in task delegation, time management, effective communication, principles of LEAN, and fostering accountability within your team.

  • Task delegation and responsibility allocation: Learn strategies for identifying team members' strengths and weaknesses, based on DISC principles. Understand how to delegate tasks based on individual skills and expertise. Explore tools for creating a balanced and efficient distribution of responsibilities within the team.
  • Capacity management techniques: Explore time management principles and their application to team projects. Discuss prioritization strategies to ensure timely completion of tasks. Learn how to create realistic timelines and deadlines for patients and projects.
  • Effective agenda planning: Understand the importance of agenda planning for successful team meetings. Explore methods for creating a well-structured agenda that addresses key objectives. Learn how to allocate time appropriately for each agenda item.
  • LEAN principles: Introduce the fundamentals of LEAN methodology for enhancing efficiency and eliminating waste. Discuss how LEAN principles can be applied to streamline team processes and workflows.
  • Fostering accountability: Explore strategies for creating a culture of accountability within the team. Understand the role of accountability in achieving team objectives.
  • 5

Module 6 Mastering structure, culture & future

This session is designed to guide you and your team in creating a positive company culture, developing new services, and ensuring that every team member comes to work and leaves with a sense of fulfillment.

  • Future-proof clinic culture: Discover strategies to promote and maintain a positive company culture. Discuss the importance of open communication, team building, and appreciation.
  • Innovation and new services: Learn methods for identifying new services that meet customer needs. Develop an approach for implementing innovations succesfull within the practice.
  • Team engagement and well-being: Discuss techniques to increase team engagement and promote well-being. Identify ways to support a healthy work-life balance.
  • Implementation Plan: Collaboratively create an implementation plan for realizing positive changes for the next five years. Set goals and milestones to measure progress.
  • Evaluation and ‘famous last words’: Any subject that needs to be addressed? Have we reached the ‘champion’-status in communication? Are we ready for the future?

Speakere: Roeland Wessels DVM og Tessa Plagis DVM fra Sct. Anna Advies

Language: Engelsk


Module 1: 9/4 2025

Module 2: 10/4 2025

Module 3: 6/10 2025

Module 4: 7/102025

Module 5: 7/1 2026

Module 6: 8/1 2026


Course fee:

35.000 DKK ekskl. VAT 

10% early bird discount for registrations before 30th of December 2024

Registration: mia@vetnordic.com

Vetnordic arbetar för att stärka professionaliteten

Vetnordic arbetar för att göra vardagen på veterinärkliniken enklare och kvaliteten ännu bättre. Det har vi gjort genom att skapa en ny digital plattform där ni enkelt och effektivt kan beställa de bästa veterinärprodukterna på marknaden.

Men för att kunna uppfylla vårt löfte behöver vi gå ett steg längre. Därför har vi inlett ett samarbete med Improve Veterinary Education, en global ledare inom vidareutbildning för djursjukskötare och veterinärer.

Vi hjälper nu Improve att erbjuda kurser i Danmark och Sverige och tillhandahåller stipendier för utbildningsstöd, så att vi tillsammans kan stärka professionaliteten och göra behandlingen ännu bättre för era patienter.

Möt Mia, vår nya chef för utbildningsprogrammet.

Kontakta Mia om du har frågor om kurser och fortbildningsprogram. Hon är redo att hjälpa dig ta nästa steg i din yrkesutbildning.ans kan utforska era möjligheter till en hälsosam paus i vardagen där ni har tid att lära er nya saker.

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