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How fast will I be able to order with my account?

Once you have gone through the registration page and send in your application, you will receive an automated confirmation mail to your chosen e-mail address. Please press the "confirm" button in this mail, straight away. Simulteanously, Vetnordic has to approve your account which will happen almost immediately. Once you yourself have confirmed your application and Vetnordic has approved your account, you will receive another final automated e-mail from Vetnordic, confirming that your account is now open and you are able to order products.

I did not receive the confirmation e-mail after signing up, what should I do?

If you have not yet received the automated confirmation mail to your inbox upon registering, please check both your spam and/or junk folder. If you can still not find the confirmation mail, please contact customer service at: +358 (0) 942 732 522 or

How do I register an account?

Klicka på den gula knappen på vår förstasida för att hitta registreringssidan

I have received and clicked confirm in the registration mail, but still cannot log in. What should I do?

There may be a slight delay on Vetnordic approving your account, we apologize for the delay. Once we have approved your account, you will receive an automated e-mail, confirming that you can now login and order. If you have not received this final e-amil from us within 24 hours, please contact us at +358 (0) 942 732 522 or

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