About us


Everyday life at the clinic is characterised by routines and your regular way of working - keeping track of both patients and your inventory. At Vetnordic, we know that behind your routines and everyday life, there is a desire to spend even more time improving the quality of life for your patients every single day.

We don't improve lives, you do. Our job is to improve your business by making it easier and more convenient for you to run your clinic.

At Vetnordic, we have made it our mission to provide you the best products, solutions and support. This reduces operational complexity and inefficiencies, ultimately giving you more quality time for your patients.

To improve as many lives as possible, in the best possible way.

We both source and develop top-quality products, all tested through our years of industry expertise. These are delivered to clinics around the world through our modern digital commerce platform, designed to make your daily routines easier.

We have revitalised the traditional supply chain, from manufacturer to clinic, enabling us to deliver a wide range of products quickly and always at competitive prices.

We are committed to seeking the most responsible and sustainable choice in all aspects of our business and to being transparent about how we are improving - from packaging to investing in people.

We put you and your clinic at the centre of everything we do. It's the only way we can give you the best experience, tools and expert insights you need.

With years of experience, industry knowledge and market insight, we believe we can create a new level of supplier-customer collaboration and become the preferred partner for the modern and ambitious clinic, large or small.

Because we enable you to do what you do best, even better.


Walking the extra mile